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Some of my favorite pages/panels from Asterios Polyp. 

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2012 Who Magazine has some pics of Ryan Kwanten on the set of his most recent film Not Suitable for Children. Kwanten plays Jonah – a feckless orphan who joins forces with his flatmates (Ryan Corr and Sarah Snook) to make a buck throwing house parties in the old family home. But when a medical diagnosis sets a 30-day timer on Jonah’s fertility, the once laid-back lad finds himself motivated to find a mommy for his future children before the time is up.  Check out the Video below. 


Heitor Magno

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I still think the best burn I’ve ever seen was when this freshman was trying to hit on a senior and he said “Dang girl, those are some fine legs. What time do they open?” and she just replied “Past your bedtime.”

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hannibal meme  ·  one will dream

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